Brief Synopsis of the science of Psychoenergetics by Kevin Wikse.

Psychoenergetics is a term coined within the CIA's recently declassified STARGATE project. Psychoenergetics is most commonly used to describe the following: The effect human-produced energy (primarily psychic energy, be it mental, emotional, or even kinetically generated) has over the environment and others, at close range or long distance.  Methods and practices used to strengthen the results. Methods and practices used to cultivate these various "energies."  Potential for use inside and outside military applications.  Phenomena is generally associated with astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, mental dominance, and ESP (extrasensory perception).  Kevin Wikse was introduced to tenets of psychoenergetics at a young age through his recruitment into the CHERIBUM project. CHERIBUM, which likely still exists under a new designation, tested and utilized school children's psychic and remote viewing capabilities. Kevin Wikse feels CHERIBUM was born out of psychi